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Community organisation"Public ray of the future"

Since February 24, Public ray of the future, a volunteer headquarters has been organized in Gorenko to assist the local population. The headquarters worked in several areas: uniform supply for the territorial defence, medicines and food provision, local population evacuation, livestock support and medical care.

During the period from March to May 2022, nearly 120 tons of products were received for the support of individuals, some of which were handed over to the representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

  • Carried out the evacuation of 724 people

  • Given medical assistance to people in the bomb shelters 

  • Taken care of 15 dogs, and 12 cats, which were later returned to the owners

  • Replaced windows in a kindergarten "Kazka" together with a charitable foundation "KOLO" (28 pcs)

  • Bought books for Lyceum № 3 in Gorenka for 120 thousand uah together with NGO New Acropolis 

  • Provided equipment for territorial defence representatives (28 people, helmets, uniforms, armour-jackets, knee pads)

  • Supplied food and household chemistry and hygiene kits for the residents (Gorenka, Moschun, Ozero, Blistavytsia, Bilgorodka villages)

  • Received from individuals from Barcelona and Italy baby nutrition, diapers, and diapers for adults, children with CP

  • Workshop creation (a building tool purchased for use by the residents during repairments)

  • A sewing machine purchase for the project "Ukrainian angels"

  • The Gorenka chronicles project launch together with the French artists 

  • Signed a memorandum of cooperation with Olzhych school № 10  to implement the project #helppool104

  • Launched a project with Czech partners to install modular houses on private property for residents, who lost completely their homes as a result of the Russian invasion

  • Obtained sawn timber from partners for roof reparation of affected houses

  • Received 1500 pieces of building sets from the American partner, given to the locals of Gorenka, Moschun, Ozero, Blistavytsia, Bilgorodka villages

  • Burial of the local population during active fighting.

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