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From the very first days of the war, the NGO "Public Ray of the Future" organised humanitarian aid headquarters in the Gorenka village simultaneously in several areas: military aid; civil aid (food, medical aid and medicines), animal aid and evacuation.

Since February 24, 2022, up to now, we, volunteers, have been assisting people from various places in the Kyiv region, including Internally displaced people.




«Contra spem spero» (Against all Hope I Hope)

Our main goal is to support the civilian population and to provide them with essential goods as quickly as possible for the fastest possible reconstruction with the minimum living conditions. Another goal is to create new workplaces.

The Gorenka Chronicles. Art for a roof over your head.

Talented French photographers working with different media – photography, chronology, graphics, cinema – have joined the project “The Gorenka Chronicle” to draw attention to the problem developed in one particular locality – the Gorenka village, outskirts of Kyiv.

Help to children

Assistance to Lyceum N3 (Gorenska school).

We have also opened separate accounts in UAH and foreign currencies for school #104. On these accounts, people and organisations can make charitable contributions that will be used for the institution's development.

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